Sunday, 31 July 2016

Release your fear

Dear children, we see many of you walking around with fear in your heart.
Fear is something that will keep you from trusting anybody, it will make you cut down on the things that you used to do, it will affect your stress level and it will make you utterly miserable. Fear will also keep you from walking your path of Light.

Fear is not only bad for your physical health, it is also bad for your mental health.
Today we, the angels of Light, are asking you to release your fear. You can do so by talking to your own guardian angel and asking for his/ her help. It will be a process, so do not be alarmed, if the fear you have felt for a long time, doesn't disappear overnight, but we assure you, it will gradually leave you alone and you will regain your sense of security.

Most of you treat fear as a companion. You are so used to having it in your life that you think it is normal to feel like that. It is not. When you walk the path of Light, you can walk it without fear, as you will be protected by your heavenly guardians.

Take the first step of releasing your fear today. Work with your guardian angel today and the next day and the next day till you notice that your fear has gradually subsided and been replaced by peace and calm.

We, the angels of light, will be there to help you with your guardian angel and you will know life without fear, as you are meant to. Be blessed our dear children.

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