Monday, 17 October 2016

On your "classroom"

It is time to acknowledge that there is more to this world than what you see.

It is time to acknowledge that you all are much more than just the flesh bodies. You all have an eternal soul and you should be made aware of it and its needs.

You think, dear children, that you are here to make more money and get richer and richer. You could not be more wrong. You are here to learn the lessons that your soul needs. Lessons that your soul could not get in Light. This planet Earth is your classroom. Here your free will guarantees you such experiences that cannot be acquired elsewhere. 

Other souls who come from your soul family are here to help you learn your lessons.

Sometimes the lessons that especially these souls teach you are very painful and almost heartbreaking, and you cannot understand why you were destined to have to go through them. You feel totally disappointed and let down by the people that you had loved and put your trust in. Let us tell you now, dear children, that these souls, who have given you these experiences, are souls who love you very much. It is down to your mutual agreement before this incarnation that everything happened. The more painful and difficult the lesson the more love is needed to be teaching it. So what to you might have been some of  the most horrible things ever to happen to you, were, in fact, acts of love and much needed lessons by your eternal soul.

Let us also tell you that it works two ways. The agreements on the soul level are binding, and your commitment to them is absolute. So it is also you who teaches other souls valuable lessons. We are not talking about acts of pointless cruelty here but about things that inevitably come your way sooner or later. These events are not something you stop to ponder, they are something that you are drawn to. You can, of course, choose to ignore them, because you have free will, but, dear children, they will come your way as many times as need be because this is what you have come here to learn.

Why do you think very many people have similar kinds of problems and find themselves in similar kind of difficult situations over and over again? It is because they are refusing to learn their lessons the first time around. Now do you understand?

Everything that happens to you, happens for a reason. It is like we said earlier, you are in the classroom of your own choosing.