Monday, 18 July 2016

On angels

We, the angels of Light have come to give you a message to be published.

People often wonder, how we can be everywhere at the same time. It may look like we are everywhere because there are so many of us with different duties. Your guardian angel will always be present with you and he/she has been with you from the moment your soul came to be, and he/she will continue to be with you till the end of times. Extremely seldom does a need arise to change your guardian angel but it has been known to happen for reasons that we will not go into right now. But it is, by far, more common that no changes are made.

Your guardian angel is the one who calls for other angels to come when need be.
As we have mentioned before, there are angels for all needs. Some of us specialise in taking care of people's worries, others help with devotion to work, family, and hobbies. Some help you to find the right books to read and others do their utmost to make you meet the people you need to meet. Some help to keep you safe and others help you to sleep peacefully. We could go on, but we do not think it is necessary, because you will have caught our drift by now.

The sad thing is that so many of us are unemployed. We will, of course, try and guide you our way as well as keep you safe, but we can only help you effectively when you ask for our help. We know we have said this before but we feel that it is extremely important that you all understand it. You are in charge of your lives and that's how it should be, because you all have free will.

Our wish is for you to find the path that you have chosen before you came here. That is the path of your soul and it is only on that path that you will find the fulfilment and the true purpose for your life. We are not saying that you can't be happy without us. You can, you can find the happiness of earthly things but that will not be enough to make your soul content and fulfilled.

The happiness that is of this earth will only satisfy you for short moments at a time but the happiness you will find on the path of your soul is forever. And trust us, there is a difference.

There are moments in your lives when you feel closer to us, as there are moments when you are very far from us. We try to send someone your way when you are more inclined towards us. This could be a friend, a book, an incident that gets you thinking or, indeed, like now, a blog. We are always ready to help you and be with you, whether it is the best time of your life or the worst.

Another thing, we have said before is that we are of no particular religion. We have been created by God and we serve Him/ Her, no matter what the name you give Him/Her might be. Our interest is not in institutions and power, our interest is the happiness and wellbeing of your souls.

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