Tuesday, 12 July 2016

More about connecting with angels

We, the angels of Light, want you to know that our help and messages are for everyone. There is absolutely nothing you need to do 'to be worthy of' our attention and help.
We act out of pure Divine love and God has meant that for everybody.
You have the Divine spark of love in your souls and for that you will always be loved.

We are well aware of the erring ways you sometimes engage in. You do so because you have not yet found your way back to the Divine love you are part of. However, you bear the knowledge of Something Else, of Something that is of Light in your souls. All you have to do is let it surface and lead you back to The Light that you are part of.

We do not judge you, we do not condemn you, nor does God, because He/She is Love.
All we want is you to find the way of your soul and start walking the path of Light.

You say that you don't hear us calling you. We ask you to listen more closely. All of you have the voice of intuition that is always present, if you choose to listen to it. It has guided you well when you have heeded it. It is us, your angels, talking to you and leading you out of harm's way.

More often than not, you expect us to talk to you in "thunder and lightning", i.e. in some very prominent and distinctive way. In a way that, you say, would definitely convince you of our presence. There, dear children, you are mistaken. Our way is subtle, our way is the way of a loving soul, but, please, know that we are present and we are communicating with you. We also offer you our help whenever you ask for it. But, dear ones, you do have to ask for it, otherwise we cannot interfere with your life.

Our advice today is for you to find a peaceful place and engage in meditation or prayer and you will be surprised, as you will be made aware of our presence, if you so wish, and
we can start our work with you.

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