Thursday, 28 July 2016

On your lessons

We, the beings of Light, look at you with great warmth and understanding. Our sole purpose is to help you advance on your path to Light, i.e. the path that your soul has chosen for you before your incarnation on this planet. Your parents and your surroundings were carefully chosen to provide you with the best possible opportunities to learn the lessons you have come here to learn. Although you have free will to choose your own path while you're here, your lessons still remain the same. That is why some of the situations you frequently find yourself in remain the same until you learn the lesson they are trying to teach you. Some of you might see a recurring pattern in your relationships, others face the same challenges at work time after time. And things will stay this way, until you finally choose to learn the lesson in them.
Why does it have to be so complicated, you ask. It really isn't all that complicated, but it is your free will that makes you take a wrong turn when, in fact, you should stop and listen and learn what there is to be learned. We from Light try and help as best we can but we are not authorised to overrule your free will. We are, however, authorised to help you, if you so request.
Dear children, just by getting in touch with your soul and by listening to what it is trying to tell you, will you find the path chosen for you by your soul. The wisdom of all your past lives resides in your soul and making the connection will guide you to the right direction.
If you take time to meditate or pray or both, you will find that you can hear the voice of your inner wisdom, i.e. your soul speaking to you. People might help you with your problems but your soul will guide you on through your problems to the path where you are meant be and where the things that have happened to you will start making sense.

Go with our blessings and make the connection today, dear children.

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