Monday, 11 July 2016

Angels are calling you

We are the angels of Light and we have come to bring you a message from the Light.
It is with great pity that we watch people go about their business and not heeding our presence or helping advice. Yet, we are here for every single one of you. Your guardian angel is always by your side and always ready to help you. If you truly understood the power of your requests for us and our power to help you when asked, there would be no way, you could ignore us any longer.

We, the angels, are here to serve you and help you according to the Divine plan. There is no mystery to it, there is no rite to it, it just what God has wanted us to do and why He, in his ultimate wisdom, has created us.

God made no division between people who should and people who shouldn't receive help from us angels. He meant us to help everybody and that means everybody. There is nothing you need to do to receive help from us, except to ask for it. That is the only condition, the one and only condition, ask for our help and you will receive it.

Why, you say, can't you just help everybody when you see them in trouble? The answer is very simple, God gave you free will and none of us are authorised to go against it. So it really is up you and only you to ask for help and receive it.

Why not do it right now. You know deep down in your heart and soul that you have been waiting for something like this to happen. For the angles to talk to you. And now they have.

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