Saturday, 5 November 2016

Watch out for the tricks your ego plays on you

Dear children, don't let your ego lure you into hatred and discord. It is all too easy to give  in to your ego telling you that people have hurt your feelings by not showing you the proper consideration and respect with their actions. The more you think about it, the angrier you get and, in the end, you are almost ready to throw away all human decency in the name of your personal hurt feelings and bruised ego. You no longer care what you say or do to these people who, your ego has led you to think, have hurt you so deeply.

Don't you notice how your ego is having you on? It tries to manipulate you into thinking that it is all right to feel this away about other people and that you are in the right and more than justified to feel how you feel. Anger is okay, hatred is okay, and even revenge is okay. That's what it is telling you. But you are not just your ego, not any more, not when you have chosen the path of Light.  Don't let your ego tell you how you should feel and trick you into all this negativity.

Let us explain. Your ego wants to have control over you in everything you do because it means that your ego has the power and that is the one thing that it doesn't want to give up. It wants to be in charge. But the thing is that if you let your ego lead you, you are facing away from Light. Your Higher Self will tell you that these are just your ego's ways of trying to keep you under its control. 

Every time you notice these tricks that your ego is playing on you, ask the angels to give you another direction. Let them lead you to your Higher Self and undo the hurtful things you came very close to adopting. Instead, choose love and understanding and forgiveness and divine guidance.

You are a spiritual being looking to be led on by your Higher Self and the angels and not someone led by a selfish ego on a mission. You ego has served and will keep serving its purpose but, dear children, let it not be in charge of your feelings and actions by making you choose anger and other negative feelings. Don't believe your ego, when it tries to mislead you, believe your soul and the higher purpose you have already started to discover on your path to Light.