Friday, 30 December 2016

Message for the coming new year

Dear children, as your earth year is coming to an end, we salute you with all our blessings for the coming new year.

For those who walk with heavy hearts, we will bring solace, if you are ready to accept it. We will dry your tears and give you cause to smile and be happy. New energies are waiting for you, if only you are ready to let them into your life. 

Many of you are struggling but you are still denying our help. You think that your own strength will be enough. Why, dear children, do you choose to make your life so difficult? We know you are proud human beings but accepting our help does not take anything away from you but it will add good things to your life.

Now, dear children,  leave  the past behind, truly behind and focus on the future. We tell you that you have a lot more influence on your future than you think. You can make your future treat you well or let you down time and time again. This is what your thoughts and the energy they carry with them will do. Black won't be white but white will be easier to see when its time comes. In other words, your lessons will still be there to be learned but how and where you learn them will be different. Cut yourself some slack by keeping your thoughts positive. Positivity breeds more positivity and negativity breeds more negativity, that's the law of the Universe.

Dear children, know that we will never be far from you. When you call us, we will already have anticipated your call and be there with you. Your Heavenly Father showers his blessings on you and wants you to know that He is ready to help you. All you need to do is ask. His love is and will be with all of you now and in the times to come. His Light shines on you, dear children. Amen.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Angels talk about things to come

Things are changing around you and you feel restless. Some of you are fearful of all the new developments. We are here to tell you not to fear. Even if the changes that are about to happen will not always look good and promise more hardships than pleasures, they still have a deeper meaning than at first meets the eye.

These changes are global. People are looking for new leaders and, in doing so, first turn to leaders that will fail their trust. Great confusion will follow. This, however, is all meant to be.  Because it will cause people to turn inwards and seek consolation in spiritual matters and understanding that is not of this world. 

More prayers will flow and more angels send, and more spiritual teachers will be needed. And more guidance is on its way. We will not forsake you when you turn to us. Powerful allies are given to those who seek them. These powerful beings will restore people's hopes and strengthen their faith in the spirit world.

The turmoil of the world around you will make you look for understanding of the teachings of your souls. This will make your souls grow fonder and fonder of their helpers and guides and their teachings. Bigger communities that work together for a better future for the whole planet will arise. Mother Earth will once more be blessed and purified and people work together for a common goal and strive for higher dimensions. 

All the old and useless, which doesn't serve its purpose any more, will be destroyed and new things put in its place. We will try and make the transition as peaceful as possible but some harm will come to people and the planet. We wish to assure you that this is necessary and what comes after that will be a welcome blessing.

Stay close to us, dear children, and take your lead from us.