Monday, 25 July 2016

On recent events

In the light of recent events in the world, many people have turned to us asking help.
We are glad to help you whenever you need us but we would also like to say that our help doesn't cease after the initial shock has worn off.
We offer our help for those who have departed and those who have been left behind and for those who are left with fear to face normal life after the traumatic experiences.
We want to tell you that whatever happens, you will always be looked after, if you turn to us with your requests.

We see that many people are bitter and some are blaming God for what has happened. They say that God should have prevented these atrocities. But, dear children, God is Love. He has given you free will and this is how some people use it. So, should only some people have the right to free will, while others be denied it? Yet, you are all equal in his/ her eyes. So you see, it is not God doing these horrible things, but people who have strayed away from Light.

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