Thursday, 4 August 2016

On loving yourself

We want to speak to those who have trouble with their self image. We see people deeply unhappy about themselves. That is not how it should be. You, children of God, are perfect as you are. You do not need to be displeased about any aspect of yourselves.
We, God's angels, ask you to love yourselves. God loves you all, why shouldn't you?
By not loving yourself you draw negative and disturbing energies to you. By loving yourself you draw more love to you. That is how the laws of the universe work.
Your thoughts are energy and they keep drawing similar energy to the sender, i.e. you. It is as if other people sensed your thoughts, and we tell you that they do.
In fact, other people treat you like you treat yourself.

We ask you to let go of the negativity towards yourself. It is harmful to you. Accept the fact that you, as God's child, are perfect. That will open you up to more love and even more acceptance.

Your ego will tell you different. It will tell you to compare yourself with everybody else and keep finding faults. We tell you that your ego is the most superficial thing in your whole spiritual being, it will not see any further than the image in the mirror and even the physically most beautiful person will hear his or her ego tell him or her that the image is "faulty". But you, our children, as spiritual beings should only listen to what your Higher Self says about all this. And it will tell you to see the perfection in you and will give you plenty of reasons to love yourselves.

We are, of course, not telling you not to look after yourselves or take care of your needs or not live in a healthy way, no. We are only asking you to see the real reasons of why you are perfect. Look to find love, not faults.
Look to find understanding, not reasons to judge. Look to find the divine sparkle in you, not the image your worldly magazines seek to portray.
What good is an empty soul wrapped up in the most expensive and delicate silk of the world in the hour of need?
Seek to understand what is important. Seek to know your soul and let it teach you to love yourself.

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