Sunday, 7 August 2016

Truly let go of the past

Dear children, many of you live in the past. You find explanations for your behaviour in the past, long gone events. You say, ' I do this because of what happened when I was a child, that's why I am like this'.
We ask you to look for different ways of healing and changing. Many of you have been seeing a counsellor or a therapist for several years. You have understood what has gone wrong in your childhood, but you are still seeing the past as an explanation and reason for what happens in your life today.
We want you to leave the past behind. We want you to change the way you think of the past. We ask you to walk on on your path to Light and see what is happening in your life as something that you, and only you, are responsible for. In other words, please, start wanting to heal and change.
Always finding an explanation for your current behaviour in the past is denying that you are responsible for your own deeds today. It is something that we see as an excuse and avoidance of responsibility.
Dear children, you cannot live in the past any more than you can live in the future, you can only live in the now.
Walking on your path to Light means accepting responsibility for the things that you do now. If you look for reasons and explanations in the past, you keep drawing your energy from these unhappy moments, as you still blame your past for many things in your life. If you live in the now, you can ask and accept our help to you and start experiencing change and having positive thoughts about yourself and the future you are facing. But that does mean leaving the past truly behind. See it as something that you have already learned, gone through, something that has been integrated with your current knowledge of life as you see it and know it, and as something that has brought you understanding, widened your understanding. This way the past and whatever happened in the past will become something that empowers you instead of something that depletes your energy.

Dear children, we, the angels of Light, cannot change what has already happened in your life, but we can help you to change the way you think about these things today. We can help you to heal from the past and we can help you to focus on today and offer you guidance for change on your path to Light when you ask for it.

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