Sunday, 28 August 2016

On making difficult decisions

Dear children, there are moments in your life when you feel totally lost. You have a difficult decision that you are trying to find an answer to. You talk to your friends, you read horoscopes, you try reasoning and the answer just doesn't seem to come to you.
So what should you do?
We are telling you that you already have the answer. Your guides and guardian angel are whispering into your ear things that you need know to make your decision. No dear children, they will not give you an answer that you should follow, no. But they will guide you into thinking what different answers to your situation will mean. Then it is up to you to make the decision. You have free will and we, Beings of Light, always respect that. But with guidance you have received from us your Higher Self will be able to decide which of the possible answers to your question is the one you should follow. This is the correct order of things.
You can access your decision best during meditation or prayer. It is the quiet voice of your soul's wisdom that will let you know what the right course of action is in this particular case. When you have heard the voice, you will know. You might try and change what it is telling you, but deep down you know.
Sometimes you fight the answer because it is not the answer of your ego and your ego demands you to follow only the advice that it is giving you. We ask you be clear about this. Your ego doesn't mind who you hurt in the process of choosing your way, it doesn't shun away from any kind of means. It thinks of only power and money and disregards other values, if there is a conflict. But we tell you that you will know the difference as clearly as night is different from day.

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