Sunday, 14 August 2016

Stop judging yourselves

Dear children, we know that you sometimes feel that you have done something wrong.
We can see some of you tormenting yourselves endlessly over a mistake you feel you made in the past. What is the point of that? Whom does it help that you go over and over the same thing?
We, the angels of Light, ask you to leave things in the past, be they something that you feel you have done wrong or not. They belong in the past.
We can also see you punishing yourselves with harsh words over and over again.
That is no way to go forward. You keep yourselves tied to these unhappy energies and you keep drawing them to you unnecessarily.
We ask you to forgive yourselves. We, the angels, will not judge you or punish you, but you yourselves do.
We ask you to learn what there is to be learned from these things and then leave them be. That way they have served their purpose.
Dear children, we will help you to move on. Connect with us, to get advice and new energy to carry on.

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