Saturday, 24 September 2016

On your requests

Dear children, we, the angels of light, ask you to trust us. We can do so much for you if you just let us. Occasionally giving us a quick, passing thought is not the same as really working with us. When we say working with us, we mean that you connect with us daily to ask and receive guidance. Often times what you ask us is put to us in such a hurry that not even you yourself remember what you asked for. But because we react to your requests, you will, indeed, receive what you had asked for and only then notice that it wasn't something you had thought through properly.

Sometimes we try to delay our answers to you hoping that you would change your mind and refrain from asking something that will take you on a long detour. Of course, every single thing in your life is meaningful, so it is not a waste of time, but we might have been able to save you from some grief and unpleasant consequences, if you had stopped to reconsider. You would have learned your lesson in an easier way, but we cannot, of course, interfere with your free will.

So, dear children, this is why we ask you to take time to carefully present your requests to us with the sure knowledge that you shall receive what you ask for.

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